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President Peng Shou Visits KCC

Mr. Peng Shou, Board Chairman and President of CTIEC, at invitation of KCC Corporation of South Korea, visited KCC on November 27, 2013. Mr. Xu Bin, Assistant President of CTIEC and Minister of International Business Dept., accompanied President Peng Shou on the visit.
Firstly, President Peng Shou watched the propaganda film of KCC and visited the exhibition hall accompanied by Young-Ho Kim, Vice President of KCC. And He also introduced the products and development situation of KCC to President Peng. Then, President Peng Shou and Mr. Mong-Jin Chung, Chairman of KCC, and Mr. Mong-IK Chung, President of KCC had talks in cordial and friendly atmosphere. During the talks, both sides made an in-depth exchange on the projects of glass fiber, waste heat regeneration and plasterboard and the cooperation in a wider range of areas in the future. President Peng Shou expressed that CTIEC would do whatever it takes to build the best 1200T/D float glass production line for KCC.
Founded in 1958, KCC Corporation is the biggest provider of construction materials and paints in South Korea, ranking the third in Asia and the ninth in the world in the industry. As the brother enterprise of HYUNDAI, KCC’s business involves in all kinds of building materials, industrial materials and rosin products, such as plasterboard, glass, reinforced plastic steel doors and windows, sealant, mineral wool board, etc. Its businesses are available in many countries besides thirteen plants and central research institutions in South Korea.
The visit to KCC Corporation marks CTIEC has made another solid step towards the internationalization.

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