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President Peng Shou Visits Brazilian Cement Giant Votorantim

To expand the South American cement market and push on the “Go abroad” strategy, president Peng Shou and his team visited the Votorantim Cement Company (the Brazilian biggest cement company and world top 10 cement companies) and its parent company Votorantim Group on Dec.10th and 12th respectively, receiving warm welcome from CEO Calfat and other senior management personnel of Votorantim Group.
In the meeting, both sides introduced the general information of respective company, discussed about the cement industry in China and Brazil, and reached a consensus on promoting strategic cooperation with the start of cement and its cogeneration project services. Considering Votorantim’s recognition to the strength of CTIEC in cement industry and strong interest in cement cogeneration, CTIEC and Votorantim decided to start exchange on technology execution level as soon as possible.
Votorantim Group is a large comprehensive company, operating in various sectors such as power generation, paper making, food, metal smelting and cement. In 2011, its annual revenue reached 12 billion dollars. Its branch Votorantim Cement Company is operating more than 50 cement production lines in Brazil, United States, Canada, Africa, etc. with continually growing capacity.
Peng Shou was accompanied by Ma Mingliang, assistant president & director of cement engineering department of CTIEC and Chu Denan, vice-general manager of Shanghai Triumph Energy Conservation Engineering Co., Ltd.

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