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CTIEC Holds a Glass Promotion Conference Successfully in Brazil

After a period of planning and preparation and with the active cooperation and coordination of Mr. Lu Xin, president of ABIVIDRO and Brazilian executive member of ICG, the glass promotion conference of CTIEC was held successfully at Intercontinental Sao Paulo Hotel in Sao Paulo of Brazil on December 11th, 2012. The representatives of major glass ware and glass bottle manufacturing enterprises in Brazil attended the meeting, including that of the branch office of Japanese Mitsubishi in Brazil.
On behalf of the conference sponsor, Mr. Peng Shou, president of ICG and president and CEO of CTIEC, made an address firstly and then introduced the conferee the rapid development process and successful experience of China glass industry in recent years, and expressed good will of providing high quality service for associates of Brazil glass enterprises with the experience and techniques accumulated by CTIEC for years.
Subsequently, Mr. Lu Xin introduced the development of Brazil glass industry and the current problems. He said Brazil glass industry is currently monopolized by several multinational glass groups. Due to shortage of energy, rising of labor cost and high production cost, local enterprises are hard to compete with foreign glass enterprises and are facing severe survival pressure. In order to improve the market competitiveness and promote sound development of Brazil national industry, Mr. Lu Xin hopes CTIEC could take an active part in product upgrading and technology renovation of Brazilian glass enterprises, and send technical team as soon as possible to communicate with Brazilian enterprises so as to know about their actual demands, help them improve techniques, reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of products, thus enhancing market competitiveness.
At the conference, representatives of enterprises had a heated discussion and expressed strong desires for cooperation. For all the questions raised by representatives, Mr. Peng Shou gave detailed answers. The expected effect was achieved.

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