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Peng Shou Attends ICG Steering Committee Meeting and Visits Czech Institute of Chemical Technology

On Oct 26, Mr. Peng Shou, chairman of ICG,president and chairman of CTIEC, attended 2012 autumn meeting of ICG steering committee in Prague, and visited Czech Institute of Chemical Technology.
This meeting approved the minutes of 2012 steering committee meeting in Maastricht and 2012 annual financial report and CTC annual report, listened to preparations for the 23rd International Congress on Glass in Prague reported by host of Czech Institute of Chemical Technology, and further implemented issues on ICG’s mid-long-term activities, advantages, opportunities and crisis proposed at the meeting in Istanbul.
Mr. Peng Shou put forwards concrete views and deployment for each issue. He indicated that the International Congress on Glass every three years was a significant event for ICG, so ICG would fully coordinate and utilize its international influence and summon power of academic and industrial fields to support 2013 Congress in Prague. He required that the host should organize the congress efficiently and practically, targeting in selecting presentation theses and making sure academic discussion to integrate closely with hot topics of industry. Meanwhile, for purpose of further implementing mid-long-term activities, he proposed to gather members of core teams to present an executive plan for further discussion before spring meeting next year. In order to enhance technical force of CTC, he invited CTC president Rene Vancher to visit China recently for strengthening work and exchange between TCs.
Steering committee members in this meeting reviewed and approved 17 topics unanimously, and expressed to keep a close contact with president for making vigorous efforts to implement the meeting outcome.
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