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President of NJIT Visits CTIEC

On 18th October, 2012, Dr. Joe Bloom, president of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Dr. Donald Sebastian, deputy president of NJIT and Richard Garber, associate professor of NJIT College of Architecture & Design visited CTIEC. Mr. Peng Shou, board chairman of CTIEC gave them a warm reception in Shanghai. Both sides reached a common consensus on topics of strengthening communication and cooperation.
Mr. Peng Shou expressed his cordial welcome to the delegation’s coming. Not only in glass field can CTIEC and NJIT cooperate, but also they can carry out multi-fields and multi-levels cooperation in the aspects of cement, new energy, new material, architecture and engineering management. This kind of cooperation includes the communication of professionals, the training of project managers and also research & development cooperation in the relevant fields in which both sides are interested. Both sides can co-construct laboratories and promote mutual visit and training. Dr. Joe Bloom agreed with Mr. Peng Shou and retained keen interests in establishing all-round, high-level and open-up cooperative relationship between NJIT and CTIEC. He invited Mr. Peng Shou to visit America so as to further discuss the contents of mutual cooperation. President Peng Shou expressed his thanks and gladly accepted the invitation.
Sun Jian-an executive vice president of CTIEC, Ma Li-yun, vice secretary of Party Committee of CTIEC, Wang Congxiao, assistant president and director of New Energy Dept. of CTIEC, Xu Gen-bao, an expert of the National One-Thousand-Talents Scheme, Pan Jin-gong, general manager of Chengdu COE Apollo Solar Co., Ltd and other relevant personnel attended the interview.

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