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New Energy Engineering
Focusing on building a whole industrial chain of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics), and promoting research & development and application & popularization of new energy houses through combination of new energy materials and distributed energy resources.
--Test samples of CIGS thin-film solar cell having successfully rolled off the pilot line
--Having acquired the German company, and constructed production line of 100 MW CdTe thin-film solar cell
--Having built the first new energy house in China, and double-axis tracking PV power station having been successfully applied
--Having organized Solar Building Materials and Components Integration Professional Commission of Architectural Society of China, Thin-film Solar Cell Standard Working Committee, PV Glass Professional Committee of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association
Turn-key EPC Projects For new Energy
No. Project
Year Project Name MW
1 Italy 2010 15.6MW Solar Power Project at Strada Bresciana, Verona, Italy 15.6
2 Thailand 2013 12.5MW Solar Power Plant Phase Ⅲ at Nong-Ki District, Buri Ram Provicne, Thailand 12.5
3 2013 12.5MW Solar Power Plant Phase Ⅲ at Prakhonchai District, Buri Ram Provicne, Thailand 12.5
4 2013 25MW Solar Power Plant Phase Ⅲ at Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri Province, Thailand 25
5 2014 Turn-key EPC contract of 250MW solar cell and 250MW solar module factory for Jetion Solar (Thailand) Co.,Ltd, Thailand 500
6 Japan 2014 2.054MW Ground Solar Project in Chibakenn County, Japan 2.054
7 2014 0.95MW Ground Solar Project in Totigikenn County, Japan 0.95
8 England 2013 9.8WM PV Solar Project in WSS Hayford Farm, England 9.8
9 2014 6.1MW PV Project in Pentre Farm, England 6.1
10 2014 7.32MW Roanbody Farm Photovoltaic Project 7.32
11 2014 40MW Raventhorpe Farm Photovoltaic Project 39.32
12 2015 60 MW Swindon Solar Farm 60
13 2015 72 MW Shotwick Solar Farm 72
14 China 2010 10MW Bengbu CdTe roof top solar power project 10.08
15 2012 20MW Yuli Photovoltaic Power Project, Xinjiang Province 20
16 2013 9MW Hefei roof top solar power proejct 9
17 2013 16MW Huainan roof top solar power proejct 16
18 2014 20MW Shangjian Solar Power Plant 20
19 2014 30MW Shangqin Solar Power Plant 30
20 2014 20MW Keping Solar Power Plant 20
21 2014 20MW Debao Solar Power Plant 20
22 USA 2015 7.34MW Maryland Solar Power Plant (Phase 1) 7.34
      Total MW: 915.56
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