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Cement Engineering
Through tackling key technological problems and optimizing design, CTIEC Cement has achieved her core technology to produce cement with new type dry process, which is unique in characteristics and superior in cost efficiency; and developed serial equipment and essential facilities with self-owned property rights. At the same time, CTIEC Cement has further enhanced her service capability through cooperation with MITSUBISHI, Japan and has developed the 1,500-10,000t/d new type clinker dry process cement technology featuring outside-kiln decomposition, and has undertaken the engineering and contracting of more than 100 cement lines both home and abroad; over 50 pure waste heat generation equipment erection projects of 2,000-20,000kw load capacity cement production lines and over 700 cement production line electro-mechanical erection projects. About 30 completed projects have been awarded state and ministry level excellent engineering prize and excellent contracting management prize. CTIEC boasts more than 10 modern cement patent technologies and proper technologies. CTIEC participates in compilation over 10 national technological standards.

CTIEC Cement, taking Nanjing Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd, Beijing Triumph Building Material Engineering Design Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Triumph Building Materials Designing Institute as platform, has quickly developed into a new force in Chinese cement industry, relying on strong technical support from CTIEC.

Domestic Cement Engineering
5000t/d new type dry process cement clinker production line of CUCC (Huaihai) Cement Co., Ltd. ?a?a The First Prize of Excellent Engineering Design in Building Materials Industry (Ministry Level)
10000t/d clinker production line of CUCC (Xuzhou) Cement Co., Ltd.

Longhua Cement Plant of Huizhou Guangda Cement Co., Ltd. (2?á5000t/d)

4000t/d clinker production line of Panshi Cement Co., Ltd.
  Hebei Shuguang Qiangxing Cement Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Rijiang 2500t/d cement production line
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