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Glass Engineering
With 50 years' accumulation of unintermittent technology research and development as well as careful design optimization, CTIEC has formed complete set of mature core technology with unique characteristic and superior performance-price ratio in ultra-thin float glass, large-tonnage high quality float glass, micro-iron solar glass with high transmittance, horizontal drawing glass, good quality glass container and glass ware, spinning glass, sodium silicate glass, etc.; developed series of key equipment with completely intellectual property right for meeting various of glass production process requirements and promoted series of new technologies for further progress and development in the glass industry, such as 0.7mm ultra-thin float glass production line technology, 1000-1100t/d float glass production line technology with low energy consumption, 250-500t/d ultra-clear solar glass production line technology, etc. Through strategic cooperation with the world famous companies, such as American TECO, Italian Bottero, etc., CTIEC has improved the service quality and capability by providing design and engineering general contracting service for famous enterprises at home and abroad, for example, Japanese Asahi, Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington, CSG, Taiwan Glass Group, Xinyi Glass, etc.

It is a dedicated pursuit for CTIEC to become the largest integrator of the Chinese glass and building material technology and world first-class EPC supplier. CTIEC has completed almost 2000 project designs concerning fiat glass & domestic glass, ceramic, refractory, mine, cement, industrial and civil architecture, more than 100 of which have won national and industrial excellent design awards. As for general contracting projects, CTIEC has constructed a lot of engineering projects with product quality and technical equipment up to advanced international level, such as CSG float glass, CSG solar glass, Indonesian TG-2 glass, American Libbey glassware, Lhoist refractory.

New generation flue gas desulfurization technology for glass plants, low temperature waste heat power generation technology and oxy-fuel firing technology are leading new trend of energy saving in the industry. Also the breakthrough has been made in on-line low-E glass,TFT glass, amorphous silicon TCO substrate production technology and equipment development.

Domestic Engineering
High-quality Float Glass

Special Float Glass Line of CSG (Chengdu)
Float Line of Asahi Float Glass (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.                    900lt/d Float Glass Line of Xinyi Ultrathin                                                                                     Glass(Dongguan) Co., Ltd.
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